Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Cooling Season Maintenance

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    • Test unit from thermostat
    • Replaced air Filter
    • Clean filter grill
    • Check blower Capacitor Rated______ Actual_______
    • Check outdoor fan capacitor Rated_______Actual_______
    • Check compressor capacitor Rated ____Actual______
    • Clean blower wheel(some units additional charge)
    • R22 R410 TXV Fixed Outdoor temp _______
    • Refrigerant Pressure Low_____High______ Super Heat______Sub-cooling_______
    • Compressor amps Rated ______Actual_______
    • Outdoor fan motor amps Rated ____Actual______
    • Blower Amps Rated _______Actual_______
    • Check ductwork static Pressure Return______Supply______
    • Temperature Split_______
    • Check emergency drain pan for any sign of moisture
    • Cycle system from thermostat
    • Flush primary and secondary drain
    • Clean electrical cabinet
    • Wash Outdoor coil with detergent
    • Inspect blower wheel
    • Inspect fan blade
    • Clean electrical disconnect and fuses
    • Check Sealtite and electrical conduit
    • Check indoor coil
    • Inspect line for proper insulation
    • Inspect grills and registers
    • Install new service caps(if necessary)
    • 15%off HVAC repairs
    • No Diagnostic fee during membership
    • Exclusive discount price
    • Priority service over non-members

    Heating Season Maintenance

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    • Check Heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
    • Check and clean electrical cabinets
    • Removed and clean burners
    • Clean pilot light
    • Check blower capacitor Rated____Actual___
    • Check inducer motor capacitor Rated______Actual______
    • Inspect hot surface igniter
    • Test furnace from thermostat
    • Check outlet gas pressure Stage 1 ______ Stage2______
    • Blower motor amps Rated______Actual_____
    • Inducer motor amps Rated_____Actual_____
    • Temperature rise Stage1______Stage2_____
    • Replace Thermostat batteries
    • 15% off HVAC repairs during membership
    • Exclusive discount price
    • HVAC diagnostic fee waive during membership
    • Clean vacuum switch port
    • Clean spark and sense electrodes
    • Check for proper clearance of venting
    • Visual inspection on duct work
    • Check combustion air vents
    • Flush drain line (condensing furnace only)
    • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector present
    • Offer to replace smoke detector batteries (Extra)
    • Replace air filter
    • Check safety controls
    • Check for gas leaks
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