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Whole House Fans Will Blow Your Mind!

When the Central Valley is in that in between stage of being unbearably hot and bone chillingly cold, instead of turning on the central HVAC system to regulate the temperature, many homes are turning to another option to keeping their houses comfortable… a whole house fan!

A whole house fan is a type of fan which is vented into a building's attic, designed to circulate air in a home. By opening your doors and/or windows a small amount, the whole house fan brings outdoor air into your home and exhausts it through your attic vents. This system can be put to work when the temperature outside is lower than the temperature in the house, which is found to be typically in the evenings and during the night, but many people like to run it in the morning to give their house a fresh & cool start to the day! The fan draws in the cool outside air through the cracked open doors and windows and forces the hot, stagnant inside air out through existing roof vents.

One of the benefits to having a whole house fan installed is that it consumes less energy that most air conditioning systems! During operation, the whole house fan can cost 10 - 25% of the money a central air conditioning system can run you. Who couldn’t use that relief as summer winds down?

Another benefit to running a whole house fan in the evening is that it can clear out stale air and annoying cooking smells which get closed in your house during the day. Who hasn’t burnt popcorn or made a delicious meal with garlic and onions and the smell can linger for days? With the outdoor air rushing through your home, the stubborn smells that everyday life can leave in a home wooshes out with the forced breeze!

Installing a whole house fan can be relatively painless, for your time and your wallet! Call JUST AIR HEATING & COOLING today for a quote! Talking with you will make our day, installing a whole house fan will make yours!